Quantum Chemistry Laboratory
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Registration Form and Form for Password Change

The exercises of Section I of the Quantum Chemistry Laboratory (QCL) can be accessed freely. Please register in order to gain access to the exercises of Sections II and III. Also, note that after completing the exercises of Sections I and II of QCL you want to send your solutions to the course supervisor for checking. When your solutions are essentially correct, you will advance to the following Section.

We encourage you to register for the QCL at your earliest convenience. Fill out the form below and send the information to the QCL administration by pressing the Send button. Use this form later on when you want to change your password.

I want to register and to gain access to Part II of QCL.
I am a student of QCL and want to change my password.

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Pleaes provide a short explanation why you want to participate in this course, e.g. "I am studying chemistry".

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